CommUnity BlesSings

Once a month, I host a community song circle in Corvallis, Oregon. Spring through Autumn months we gather in Avery Park under giant Sequoia trees near a rose garden along Mary’s River. Through Winter, we fill a living room in the home of one of our community singers. My intention is to offer a sweet moment of presence in the midst of our humandoings, to bless each other with sound, healing our hearts with song. S ong sharing in the oral tradition strengthens our memories, challenges our attention, encourages a deeper listening and reawakens an ancient and often forgotten part of our beings.

Group singing is one of the most ancient and original technologies of belonging. Singing together is good for your heart! It improves mental and physical health, increases energy and confidence, helps calm stress and anxiety, boosts our immune systems and releases oxytocin that cheers us up as we build stronger connections amongst each other. Together we’ll become a human singing bowl, sending our healing frequencies as sound waves through every cell of our bodies.

This is a safe place to meet new friends, stretch your edges and vocal chords and make some joyful sounds for the benefit of all beings. Playful and reverent songs for all ages. Call-and-response style, rounds, layered harmonies and simple chants… Bring some to teach and share if you like (not a performance scenario).

All ages welcome, feel free to invite! Bring your open heart and your beautiful voice ♥ Contact me for date and place or find the event on facebook – CommUnity BlesSings

♥ Suggested donations $5-$20 Love offering ♥

Image Credit: Indigo deGaia

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