Cascadia SongRise

Cascadia Song Rise is a gathering of people who love to sing!  Join us May 18-21, 2023 near Philomath, Oregon (~12 miles from Corvallis).  We will nourish ourselves and each other through collective song, harmony, and connection.  There is a magic to be experienced in the layering of voices, a mysterious activation that is felt in the body and in the soul


All over the earth, since ancient times, people have gathered together through song. Coming together in this way reminds us of our essential connections with each other and with the larger forces that sustain us. There is a magic we experience in the layering of voices, a mysterious activation that is felt in the body and in the soul. At Cascadia Song Rise, we seek to create a space of beloved harmony in our multiplicity of voices—both in our song circles and in our connections with each other—in this gathering and beyond.

We see this gathering as a time for conscious culture creation; a time for people to come alive, to sink in with each other, to cherish the sound of humans tuning in together. Cascadia Song Rise is a moment to experiment with community, and learn another step on the lifelong teaching of that path. Come join us! We’ll settle in for a few days together this spring in the rolling hills and forest.

Our confirmed song leaders for 2023 include:

Shireen Amini
Ahlay Blakely
Laurence Cole
Kjersten Hallin
Aaron Johnson
Karly Loveling
Kira Seto
Katie Sontag

Early Bird Registration open now until March 30th!

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