2023 Spring Song Series

I am excited to be offering a special singing series this spring!

5 sessions, every other Thursday from 6-7:30pm,  Beginning March 16th

For up to 11 participants at a private residence in Southtown, Corvallis

This is an opportunity to learn more complex songs together, building layers and harmonies as a group as we really commit these songs to heart.  

There is something so magical that happens when the collective song knowledge allows us to spontaneously flourish into multi-layered harmonies with the mere mention of the first couple words or notes of a song!

Throughout this series, we will:

*use group singing practices and playful embodiment to connect more fully with our authentic voices. 

*learn several heart-full songs with layers and harmonies that can be medicinal allies to rely on throughout our daily lives

*explore some potentially unclaimed territories of our voices

*build more confidence in our voices (both singing and speaking) in a welcoming, supportive and compassionate space

*exercise your body and mind through the practice of oral-tradition group singing

*tone our vagus nerves and vocal chords while tending to our hearts and nervous systems

*connect with a commUnity through song

Spring Song Series begins Thursday, March 16th

3/16  3/30  4/13  4/27  5/11

No experience necessary, non-performative environment, adults only for this series please, all genders and ethnicities welcome.

Please register in advance, space is limited!

$111-222 sliding scale for the entire 5 session series

Fill out the contact form and add “Spring Song Series” to the notes, I will email you!

Upon registration, you will receive the precise address along with a few more details.

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