“Magic Mama’s show is creative, energetic, and joyful. She connects with her audience and everyone participates. I think kids come away from her shows feeling loved, appreciated, and valued… and more than a little inspired to make music of their own!”

“Magic Mama’s got something in her that reminds me that I’m alive, that life is FUN (no matter the age), that we’re all together now, and that music brings us together in a place for sharing positivity. Better together! With beauty and magic.”

Truly, the beauty of her music is in the live performance. We LOVE the CD but it’s really incredible to watch her build a song in real time. I’ve never seen anything like it and haven’t since.”

“I love that Magic Mama teaches world-love values to my kids, and empowers them to be creative, fun and joyous. The music is delightfully rhythmic and the lyrics clever so kids and adults are singing and moving along – Go Barefoot!”

“The Magic Mama show gets everyone there up and grooving. It’s interactive and fun. A lot of kids music can be hokey, but Magic Mama’s music is enjoyable for kids and parents alike. Especially those parents who want to pass along environmental values to their children.”

“Magic Mama is some of the the ONLY “kids” music I ever listen to. Fun beats, intelligent lyrics, great message.”