Press & Praise

“Lively music, empowering lyrics, environmentally educational, and interactive fun!”
~ Natural Life Magazine, New York

“Feel-good beats that get you back in tune with Mother Nature.”  ~ Duluth Reader

“Magic Mama produces a kind of De La Soul meets Keller Williams on Sesame Street vibe.”  ~ Volume One Magazine

“Intricate and mesmerizing rhythms, gorgeous jazzy vocals, clever lyrics, rap influences, and a consistent ecological message… about the importance of working together, respecting each other and the Earth… but without feeling preachy, leavened as they are with humor, both in the music and lyrics.”     ~ Indianhead Federated Library System

“Magic Mama brings a fresh, new perspective to children’s music. She offers a unique show that clearly demonstrates her respect for children and her commitment to the environment.”
~ Public Library Youth Services Manager,

“Magic Mama’s songs are perfect for children, yet offer much for adults to enjoy as well.”
~ Library Director

“The colorful set, lively music, and eco-friendly messages make for a fun, positive atmosphere.”
~ Youth Services Librarian

“From the funky stage design, to the lively music, and the fun, participatory opportunities, the energy just surged throughout the room.” ~ Youth Services Librarian